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Tech Digest: July 2023

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Welcome to the re-launch of Tech Digest by PI Apparel! Every fortnight we will share trending industry news that has caught our eye and keep you updated with our upcoming events and exclusive promotions! 

As a thank you for joining our community, we’re offering exclusive discounts to our upcoming events! Find them in our PI Apparel Updates below, enjoy! 

Trending Topics

Are AI Merchant Assistants the way forward? Shopify plans to launch its first AI Assistant which will answer queries and inform Merchants of the latest sales trends. 

Reebok is set to launch Smart Eyewear in 2024 in partnership with Innovative Eyewear. Reebok was acquired from Adidas by Authentic Brands Group earlier this year. 

Christian Dior Couture is one of the first prominent luxury brands to leverage Web3 technology with the launch of the Dior B33 Sneaker. Each pair comes with its own unique NFT, serving as a digital certificate of authenticity. 

Fashion for Good is teaming up with its partners, such as Adidias and Target, to transform pre and post-consumer footwear into material granulates. Working with FastFeetGrinded, they will then work with their Supply Chain partners to produce output products.

What industry news has caught your eye?

PI Apparel Updates

PI Apparel Medellin, 18th – 19th October 

The full agenda will go live in the upcoming week! Check out the current content to gain insights into what our experts will be discussing in Colombia this October. This event will explore the opportunities within the Latin American Apparel market and detail which technologies trends are transforming sourcing and manufacturing. Access Discount. 

PI Apparel Merchandise Planning New York, 23rd – 24th October

Join us for our first Merchandise Planning event! This one-of-a-kind event will allow leading Merchants and Retailers to discover which digital tools are revolutionizing the market and changing the way we think about retail. Check out the agenda here. Access Discount. 

PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum New York, 28th – 29th November

The agenda is now LIVE! Leading Supply Chain experts will come together to explore how the industry needs to evolve both with the consumer and the necessity of sustainability. Fashion’s Supply Chains are an integral part of every brand and are a key element that should not be left behind in the digital age. Access Discount. 

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