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End-to-end AI Empowered Digital Transformation

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At the PI Apparel event in New York, Avihay Feld, the CEO and Co-Founder of Browzwear, presented a comprehensive overview of how the company integrates AI to support digital transformation. In this session, he covers:

  1. Rapid Advancements and Adoption of AI: He covers the swift progress and widespread integration of AI in various fields. This progress is seen as a significant phenomenon that is transforming operations and workflows in many industries.
  2. AI’s Capabilities in Image and Feature Recognition: Recent advancements have enabled AI to recognize features and elements within images, a capability that was challenging until a few years ago. This development opens up new possibilities in various applications, including design and manufacturing.
  3. AI’s Impact on User Engagement and Growth: He highlights examples like ChatGPT and MidJourney, which achieved rapid user growth, illustrating AI’s increasing influence and its potential to reshape industries.
  4. Balancing Potential and Risks of AI: While AI offers substantial value, Avihay notes the importance of being aware of its risks, particularly around errors and intellectual property protection.
  5. AI in Design and Manufacturing: The integration of AI in design processes can enhance creativity and efficiency. AI’s recommendations in areas like trend analysis, rapid design, and sales are valuable, with plans to extend AI’s use in more complex tasks like manufacturing patterns, grading, and fitting in the future.
  6. Digital Transformation with AI: Browzwear’s approach to digital transformation involves using AI to de-risk the process, improve decision-making, and speed up production cycles, from planning to manufacturing.
  7. Future Developments and Ethical Considerations: The company looks forward to further innovations in AI, with a focus on privacy and responsible use of technology, ensuring that customers’ intellectual property remains protected while leveraging AI’s capabilities.

A full transcript of this session can be found here.

About Browswear

Browzwear aligns and accelerates digital workflows, from sketch to store.

A trusted partner of more than 1,000 fashion and apparel companies worldwide, Browzwear unlocks digital craftsmanship, allowing the creative act to flow across the entire value chain. Advanced 3D visualization is the foundation for software and services that make it possible to design, produce, andsell with remarkable efficiency. Virtual prototypes are true to life. Sampling and production arestreamlined. Ideas come to market faster, with cost and waste reduced at every step of the way. The result is nothing less than the digital transformation of the entire fashion industry.

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