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Going from Digital Product Creation to Digital Transformation

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Recorded at PI Apparel in New York, Joshua Young, the Director of Digital Product Creation at VF Corp, shared his perspective on taking that next step from DPC to ‘full’ digital transformation.

Specifically, he discusses:

  1. Embracing Digital Transformation Beyond Prototyping: He emphasizes the shift from Digital Product Creation (DPC) to a comprehensive digital transformation at VF Corporation. This move encompasses not just digital prototyping but a wide-ranging digital strategy covering various facets of product creation and marketing.
  2. Collaborative Efforts and Vendor Involvement: He highlights the collaborative process with factory vendors in producing digital assets. He illustrates a seamless pipeline where vendor-created assets evolve into high-quality digital content, integral to VF Corporation’s digital strategy.
  3. Guiding Digital Transformation Initiatives: He shares his extensive journey in spearheading digital transformation. He plays a key role in leading the ‘create’ and ‘sell’ aspects of VF Corporation’s digital strategy, which includes design, product development, and marketing.
  4. Rapid Advancements in Digital Capabilities: He details the rapid growth and evolution of his team, achieving 100% digital product creation for select VF brands. He also notes the integration of over 50 vendors in the digital product creation process.
  5. Integrating Digital Tools Across Processes: The talk covers the widespread use of digital technologies in various stages, from product creation to marketing. This includes 3D concepting, digital design, internal digital sample rooms, and comprehensive digital asset management.
  6. Highlighting the Perks of Digital Product Creation: He underscores the key advantages of digital product creation: time efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced sustainability. He posits that embracing full digital transformation can significantly increase revenue potential.
  7. Addressing E-commerce Challenges with Digital Solutions: In the final part of his presentation, he focuses on the challenges faced in e-commerce, particularly in achieving brand differentiation and enriching consumer experiences. He proposes innovative solutions such as virtual try-on tools and immersive online brand experiences, utilizing digital assets to create engaging, personalized shopping environments.

You can read a full transcript of Joshua’s session here.

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