Thursday, February 15, 2024

Free, or affordable, online resources as patterns, 3D models, fabrics and artworks are becoming available at a rapid scale. Simultaneously, 3D design software is getting better, more accessible and easier to use for anyone. This leads us towards a paradigm shift for the fashion industry just as radical as what we have seen happening in the music or media industry in the last 20 years.

In this throwback to PI Apparel in Amsterdam, we hear from Rickard Lindqvist, at the time, Director of [a]industri.

The talk covers:

  1. Open Source Design Development in Fashion: Rickard discusses the potential transformative impact of open source design development in the fashion industry, drawing parallels with changes experienced in the music industry. They explore the idea of freely accessible digital design information and its implications.
  2. Personal Experience and Expertise: He shares their background as a tailor, designer, and researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles. They highlight their experience in the industry, ranging from couture and bespoke tailoring to sportswear, and their work with digital 3D visualizations for fashion.
  3. Adoption of Digital Technologies in Production: Rickard talks about their use of digital tools like Clo3D for product development, including grading and layout planning. They emphasize the shift from traditional techniques to digital methods in garment production.
  4. Concept of Shareware in Fashion: They introduce the concept of ‘shareware’ in fashion, where every new style released for sale is also accompanied by free downloadable patterns and 3D models. This approach aims to encourage better-quality copying and open collaboration in the fashion industry.
  5. Comparison with the Music Industry’s Evolution: The presentation draws a comparison between the evolution of the music industry, particularly the shift towards streaming and independent music, and the potential future of the fashion industry with open source design and digital production.
  6. Emerging Digital and Open Source Tools: Rickard highlights emerging tools and platforms that facilitate open source design development, such as Clo 3D’s Closet Connect and Clo Cloud 3, which allow for the sharing, alteration, and sale of digital garment designs.
  7. Future of Fashion Industry with Open Source Design: The talk concludes with a vision for the future of the fashion industry, where open source patterns, digital communities, and local micro-factories play a significant role, and revenue sharing through smart contracts becomes a norm. This change is seen as an opportunity for more creative and sustainable approaches in fashion.

A full transcript of this session is available here.

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